Lorcan Lyons & Associates

“We have-worked with Elliott-Properties-continuously over-the-last-four years-on complex pharmaceutical/healthcare projects in Dublin and Kells. The total value of this work was in the order of €5 million of which almost 50% was builders work. The work included:-

• Replacing an existing 100,000 sq. ft roof whilst the building was occupied.
• Installation of 3 no. fluid bed driers in separate locations in an existing building.
• Upgrading of canteen facilities.
• Thermal oxidiser, cold rooms, ethanol storage building, upgrading of gas mains, underground oil interceptors, replacement of fire alarm systems and ·sundry other projects.

Elliott Properties were also the lowest tenderer for a €2 million office refurbishment project which we expect to proceed in mid January 2014 and we are currently in negotiations with them on a €1.7 million pharmaceutical fit out.

The work on the above projects was all carried out to the stringent standards required to pass F.D.A., I.M.B. and E.P.A. inspections.

Elliott Properties were responsible for all programming , supervision and health and safety on the sites, including specialist equipment installers employed directly by the clients.

The projects were well organised with weekly meetings with all the sub-contractors and with the clients to ensure that programmes were met and production was not interfered with. Cost reports were provided on a regular basis which ensured that the final accounts could be agreed in a timely manner.

We feel confident in recommending Elliott Properties for similar work in the pharmaceutical and related industries.”

Lorcan Lyons
Lorcan Lyons & Associates